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AC&DC Metering
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Digital meters for AC current, AC and DC voltage and frequency is available, auxiliary supply is not fixed and it can be selected from 24Vdc to 220Vac.

You can customize the full scale for the meters but in the market you can find meters that are matched with the standard CT's and PT's.


bulletAC Ammeter 0-1999A, CT 5A or 1A
bulletAC Voltmeter 0-500V Direct, 0-1999V with PT
bulletFrequency meter
bulletDC voltmeter , 0-500V Direct, 0-1999V with transducer
bulletAuxiliary supply: 24Vdc, 110Vdc, 220Vac
bulletDimension: 48x92 mm
bullet4digit seven segment
bulletadjustable point